Stands (iPad)

Secure the iPad in a stable stand

iPad Animation Stand

iPad animation stand

(LINK to store)

Stabile Coil PRO


Stands (iPod Touch and iPhone remote cameras)


A smaller version of the Stabile Coil PRO, for the iPhone and iPod Touch remote cameras. (LINK)



Achim's DIY Origami

Make your own stand for the iPhone or iPod Touch remote camera with this template to cut from a sheet of cardboard. (LINK)

Losmandy StarLapse



Bring studio quality sound recording to the iPad. If you are serious about stop motion, use a microphone for a significant improvement in quality when recording dialogue, music, samples and sound effects.

Apogee MiC




Remote Controls

Record pictures without touching the iPad

Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote


Lens attachments

Ollocip for iPhone

Expand the functionality of the iPhone remote camera lens


MIDI Instrument input

Add a real MIDI keyboard to the iPad for those more musical requirements. In Garageband use the real keyboard to play the keyboard instrument and as an alternative for playing the guitar, bass and smart strings instruments.

Search Apple Store for iPad Camera Connection Kit

Guitar input

Play a real guitar and record your sounds in GarageBand.

Apogee Jam

Available with 30 pin and lightning connectors. (LINK)