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iPad iStopMotion from Boinx is a complete and portable stop motion and time lapse recording studio in one piece of equipment.

iStopMotion Gallery iStopMotion Clip editor

Use the iPad camera or connect an iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote camera. Control camera features such as exposure and focus to get the right type of image.

Animate your stop motion one picture at a time, or let the automated time lapse record the pictures for you.

Build a world for your animation characters using simple painted cardboard backdrops. Bring them to life with a small movement, capture a picture, and repeat.

Import the soundtrack and use the waveform shape to record pictures that match the timing of actions and dialogue, or adjust the playback speed to get the right movements.

Compress time events with beautiful time lapse automations.


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The complete iPad movie editor for those finishing touches: and adding titles and transitions. Add other audio and combine the stop motion with other media.

  • Add titles – simple and fast, in a range of professional styles
  • Add transitions – such as fade between clips
  • Combine audio and video clips.
iMovie Project browser iMovie Editor


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GarageBand is a very powerful audio recording studio which lets you create high quality soundtracks. It has a very simple interface so anyone can create a soundtrack at their musical level.

GarageBand Smart Strings GarageBand Tracks

To get the full potential from GarageBand, you probably need some musical knowledge but there are many easy features and smart automatic controls to start with.

GarageBand songs can include sounds from a wide range of sources such as:

  • Voice and speech recorded with a microphone
  • Other music and sound effects recorded with a microphone
  • Music played with GarageBand's built in instruments – drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and strings
  • Samples
  • Loops
  • iTunes music and MP3s
  • Actual music notes recorded from a real instrument such as a keyboard with the USB connection kit
  • Actual music notes recorded from a real guitar.

We will look at examples for creating soundtracks:

  • Microphone – voice and narration. This is the most common method for soundtracks based on telling a story. This example also uses loops and existing music
  • Samples – making your own groove
  • Music – using GarageBand's built in instruments to create a musical song.

The focus is to create a soundtrack for a stop motion movie. However, audio requirements are diverse, so this chapter will also be useful as an instruction for using iPad GarageBand for other types of projects.


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You don't have to be a DJ to benefit from using this app to create your soundtrack. Djay, from Algoriddim, has unique features to combine music or sound effect files. Adjust the volume, adjust the pitch, adjust the tempo and blend the beats. Play it all live and record as you go. djay has good integration with other apps – it will send the completed soundtrack to iStopMotion or iMovie apps.

djay turntables