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…definitely the book to consider (8 out of 10)

Overall, the book is a fantastic resource for the stop motion animator. I could easily see this being used in classrooms as a resource or a textbook for a course in stop motion animation. It not only has written text but embedded videos, product links and more. It is easy to read and not just for the animation/tech geek.
Donny Yankellow ( Full review

Brilliant!!! ★★★★★

If you are interested in learning how to create fantastic stop motion movies I highly recommend this book. As an elementary school teacher we use iPads in class. This book has given me and my students the knowledge to begin creating some great stop motion movies. The book is very detailed and it provides everything you will need to start creating your own movies.
Ipadeflteacher (iBooks review)

It's fun to read... ★★★★★

...and to learn on an interactive way. For kids and adults. It is a great help and inspiration for my stop motion workshops.
Made with Kaboooom (iBooks review)

This is an excellent resource for teachers that want to incorporate stop motion animation into their curriculum! Lauridsen's book is easy to follow and full of tidbits and resources that veteran animators will find useful! I love that this is a digital book, as the video and and interactive resources just can't be duplicated with paper!
Anna Adam, Tech Chick Tips

Have an iPad? You have an animated movie making studio in your hands. We've been animating for 5 years now, the last two years with an iPad, and this book is the best source for anyone wanting to do it all with an iPad. It's all here; the sound recording workflow, the editing, the animating, the story process, etc. This is animation gold. We wish we had this when we started. The sound chapters are pure gold. Work arounds, tips, mounting ideas, remote control of your iPad and so many more fun, real-world ideas saturate every chapter.
We especially liked the use of 'mind maps' to navigate through the subject matter in the book. Mind maps work like our minds do, and we were able to drill down to the subject areas we were most curious about with clarity and ease.
Animation Chefs,

This book made me realise that there are lots of possibilities using this software, and I can see why people really get into it. In short, it is fun to read and the project ideas in the last chapter really bring the possibilities alive! Having multimedia capability built right into a book [iBook version] still seems remarkable! [print and epub versions require internet access]. So my feedback is not only positive - but enthusiastic!
Peter Thirkell, Victoria University