The Water Cycle Project

It doesn't matter which country you live in, the water cycle affects us all. The Water Cycle Project is way of helping each language and culture tell the story of the water cycle in their own language.

Here is the original movie, in English:

How to participate

  • Download the reference movie (music and pictures only). The original file is 206MB, .mov format, 720p (1280 x 720), 30 FPS
  • Translate and record the dialogue in your own language (click here for the script, in English),
    or, animate your own pictures and narration - using just the music and closing information screen from the reference movie.
    Use any movie editing method (iMovie, Moviemaker etc - on iPad, Mac or PC)
  • Add your name in the movie credits (there is a three second gap before the music and animation credits)
  • Name your movie file 'Water Cycle Project - (your language)'
  • Upload your version movie to YouTube, or another hosting service
  • In the movie comments, credit the people who made the movie and add other interesting information about how and why they made their translated version
  • Send us an email with the link and the language, and we'll add it on this page.

Watch the movies

Translated and narrated by Yuka Yamagami. Yuka (from Japan) was on student exchange in New Zealand when she inspired all the origami creations in the original movie.

Translated and narrated by Kolja Wrona (12 years old and a huge fan of iPad Animation)

Make your own translation and we'll add it here.